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Mission and Values

Mission Statement

The Department of Athletics is committed to having a sound interscholastic athletic association. DCPS will: (1) reinforce the concept that interscholastic athletics is a vital, integral part of the total school educational program; (2) emphasize standards of scholarship, sportsmanship, and amateurism; (3) promote and develop educational leadership, physical fitness, athletic excellence and sports participation; (4) initiate, stimulate, and conduct interscholastic athletic programs for student-athletes, and strive to promote equal opportunity to members of both sexes interested in participating in the athletics program.


DCIAA Handbook

The DCIAA is an athletic conference governed by the rules in our handbook. Please read the DCIAA Athletics Handbook for full rules and regulations. The handbook covers a number of policies including membership, student eligibility, non-league competitions, health and safety, sportsmanship, finances, and sanctions.

Ethical Conduct

The DCIAA has several Policies on Ethical Conduct. Everyone involved in athletics should be aware of and abide by these policies. That includes school staff, coaches, student-athletes, parents, and fans. Everyone participating in athletics should feel safe, respected, and cared for.

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