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School Transfers

Special elgibility rules apply when students transfer schools during their high school career. This page provides an overview of the transfer rule and waiver process. For a complete list of eligibility rules and procudures, please reference the DCIAA Student Handbook.

Transfer Rule

High school students​ must remain continuously enrolled at their original 9th-grade school to maintain eligiblity. Any student who transfers schools after beginning 9th-grade will be deemed ineligible for one calendar year (365 days). The period of ineligibility begins on the first day that a student enrolls at a new school. In limited circumstances, students may receive a waiver from this rule.

Transfer Rule Exemptions

​Students may be able to apply for an exemption from the transfer rule. If you believe any of the following situations apply to you, speak with your Athletic Director for more details. You can also consult the condensed DCSAA rules or the complete rules listed in the DCIAA Handbook.

  • Transfer occurs during the student's first 9th-grade year

  • Student did not previously participate in a sport 

  • Student experiences a valid change of residence

  • Seat opening at a school where student had previously applied via the DC school lottery

  • Sending school discontinues a sport at the varsity level

  • Sending school ends its athletic program

  • Sending school ceases academic operations

  • Transfer to meet the needs of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Section 504 Plan

  • Transfer due to homelessness

  • Transfer due to a court order

  • Transfer because student has been the victim of a violent crime or a persistently dangerous school (as defined by DC law)

  • Student is a foreign exchange student

How to Apply for a Transfer Waiver

​Students can apply for a waiver from the DCIAA (league office) or DCSAA (state office). Work with your Athletic Director to submit a waiver application.


  • The receiving school's Athletic Director will submit an AT-12 (Request for Eligibility Ruling) form to the DCIAA with evidence to support the wavier exception.

  • If the student is transferring from a non-DCPS school, the Athletic Director will also submit an AT-11 (DCPS Residency Verification) form and AT-4 (Certificate of Eligiblity) form.


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