Pay Forms

Rules for Payment

Coaches must follow all rules and regulations in the Extra-Duty Pay Guide to receive payment. Please contact your Athletic Director with questions.

Pay Forms

Paid coaches must submit several forms to receive payment. After completing the forms, you'll need to print and physically sign them with a pen. Your athletic director will then collect the forms. The athletic director can also answer any questions about the payment process. At some schools (especially elementary schools) a business manager or principal may perform these functions.

Full-Time DCPS Employees
  1. Payroll Registration Form

  2. Extra-Duty Authorization Form

  3. Athletic EDP Guide Receipt Acknowledgment

Non-DCPS Employees​
  1. Extra-Duty Authorization Form

  2. Form B

  3. Form A

  4. W-9

  5. Athletic EDP Guide Receipt Acknowledgment

Non-DCPS employees must email a completed W-9 to to register for payment. Include your phone number and email address in the body of the email.