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Preparing for College

NCAA Eligibility

Student-athletes planning to compete at the D-I or D-II level in college must meet several academic eligibility standards related to high school courses, high school grades, and standardized test scores. Prospective athletes will also need to follow NCAA rules and procedures while engaging in the recruiting process. Students should register an account at the NCAA Eligibility Center to learn the full rules and requirements.

Covid-Related Update for Division II Athletes:

During the 2021 NCAA Convention, Division II adopted proposal 2021-2, which eliminated the nonqualifier initial-eligibility certification status and removed the partial qualifier academic requirements for students who initially enroll full time at an NCAA member school on or after August 1, 2021. This means that students who do not meet the qualifier standard will be academically eligible (as partial qualifiers) to receive athletics aid and participate in practice during the initial year of full-time enrollment, but may not compete. Read the full guidance here.


SAT/ACT Testing

Most college-bound students and all prospective NCAA athletes must take an ACT or SAT exam. DCPS has several programs in place to help students earn their best score on the SAT. These programs include practice tests, test prep classes, and a library of free test prep resources. Ask your guidance counselor for more information or contact the DCPS College and Career Readiness team.

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